How inclusive should your organisation become?

Inclusive Organisation

We could just as easily have opened this white paper with the question “should my organisation become inclusive?”. There is only one answer to this question and that is a resounding yes.
As a company, you are again on the eve of a fundamental shift that is taking place, similar to the digital shift that started in the year 2000.

The 6 challenges of Inclusive Marketing – explained in a 30 minutes free webinar


Context: The most important requirement for inclusive marketing and communication is to tell a story that is reliable and credible. You can tell a story about how the most diverse talents feel belonged in your company. Or show how your brand appeals to diverse groups. There are 6 challenges ahead when it comes to inclusive marketing: #change#representationmatters#relevancy#washing#marketresearch#digitalinclusion Your key take … Lees meer

Out in sports

Out for the win

In the world of sports, too, openness about LGBTQ+ is slowly but surely emerging, but the road is still long. There are three initiatives on the web that are making hard efforts but still deserve extra attention and not coincidentally they all have something to do with the word ‘out’.