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DE&I Consultancy and Training

"Inclusion makes diverse people feel belonged"

DE&I Consultancy

You can hire me as a freelance DE&I marketing consultant. The assignments which gets my particular interest are the following:

  • Leading and supporting projects to drive strategy
  • Influencing, managing relationships, and driving impact of DE&I critical initiatives with collaborators across leadership and cross-functional teams in the global organization.
  • An assignment for minimum 6 months
  • At companies who strongly believe that for diverse companies, the likelihood of outperforming industry peers on profitability has increased over time, while the penalties are getting steeper for those lacking diversity.


Objectives of this training

ALL – Gain insights and fresh approaches that will help you increase your talent pool, encourage diverse perspectives to drive individual and team performance, and eliminate impediments to create an inclusive workplace where employees feel that their endeavors are valued.

MARKETEERS – Understand and prioritise inclusive marketing strategies – and why this matters.  Identify and acknowledge inclusivity issues often embedded within more traditional approaches. Apply a simple but effective framework for identifying and reaching previously excluded audiences. Explore a multi-channel approach to inclusive marketing that’s both effective and authentic. Interpret your marketing performance metrics with regards to diversity and inclusion, and develop measurement plans aligned to your business’ D&I objectives


  • A behavioural science-based leadership approach to addressing the day-to-day realities of DEI decision-making.
  • The ability to create a culture of inclusivity and the insight to identify inclusion issues, guided by global DEI experts.
  • Interventions to improve collaboration, opportunities, resilience and inclusive hiring processes, while mitigating behavioural risk.
  • The tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your organisation’s DEI initiatives, as well as measure the ROI of these initiatives.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals who wish to understand barriers to diversity and design solutions to create a diverse workforce
  • Marketing and communication specialists going for authentic and meaningful awareness
  • Leaders who want to foster innovation and creativity by designing teams that promote diverse perspectives and ideas
  • Individuals who want to tackle biases head-on and help create a more inclusive workplace


Building the What

    • The origin, forms and effects of social exclusion and inclusive culture: what it is, what it will bring

Building the WHY

    • The Societal reasons
    • The Corporate challenges
    • The War for talent
    • 6 challenges for the marketeer

Building the HOW

    • How can we, as leaders, make sure our organisation acts and communicates in an inclusive way where all kind of people feel belonged?
    • How can we roll out discrimination researches for different branches on the job market?
    • Discuss and optimise your own case


      • 1 day (introduction) or 2 days (advanced)
      • inhouse training
      • Possible languages for the training: dutch - french - english
      • Pricing: fixed rate + variable rate (per participant)

    Some of my happy customers

    I work as a consultant or trainer for major companies and medium enterprises such as Fnac, Orange, ALLO Telecom, Virgin, Napoleon Games, OPI, PWA, Syntra, Eandis, Devan Chemicals, Reflex Healthcare People, IWWU, Best Next Contact Center, Thomas More, Reputation, Unizo, 4P square, ErasmusHogeschool Brussel, bpost, Fluvius, excap, Minerva Cycling, THOCC and many more.

    "Tom is a freelancer with whom I love to work together. He's result oriented, get things done without losing the human relationship with his stakeholders. He is strong working on the strategic level, but also on the tactical level and operational level in digital he has got a broad knowledge. Tom will give you as a manager and a colleague the feeling that he is on top of things, so you can focus on other stuff. I strongly recommend working together with Tom."Kristof Schils - Director Digital Team at bpost
    "Tom has an in-depth knowledge that he conveys with enthusiasm. During the training, he was very attentive to the questions/comments that we as course members had."Sarah Hennion - Consultant Executive Search at Piramide Consulting
    "Tom Sweetlove is a passionate teacher with hands-on mentality. I would highly recommend working with Tom if you are looking for a teacher and/or online marketing professional to move your business forward! "Christian Swinnen - Co-founder at Atelerix Creative Consulting
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