Champion the 6 challenges of

Inclusive Marketing


The most important requirement for inclusive marketing and communication is to be as authentic and meaningful as possible. You can tell a story about how the most diverse talents feel belonged in your company. Or show how your brand appeals to diverse groups. There are 6 challenges ahead when it comes to inclusive marketing.

The 6 marketing challenges to champion

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The 6 marketing challenges explained


Society is changing fast but many brands are loosing track. As marketing leaders and brand strategists, it’s critical to understand how we evolved from ’tolerance’ in 1600s to ‘belonging’ in 2016. And what about Generation Z, what do they value? Why are movements such as #metoo #blacklivematter #climatechange so powerful in reach? How are the 17 sustainable development goals related to Inclusive Marketing? And have you already heard about the Great Resignation?

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Representation matters

In terms of representation matters, I am talking about the diversifying identities. So indeed, we’re talking about gender evolution, we’re talking about historical reckoning, celebratory activism, rawthenticity (body positivism) and rethinking ability. Get introduced to the most diverse groups and learn how you could open up to them.


Inclusive marketing is very strongly linked to relevant communication. Get precise instructions about creating ideal content. It’s also about how representative your marketing team or your agency is. An Inclusion matrix could help you gap analysing the situation between the ‘as is’ and the ‘ideal’.

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Digital inclusion

It is the full responsibility of the digital marketeer to make sure to granting access for all individuals to the distributed product or service.
If there’s something very clear about KPI’s and the accountabilities of the marketeer, this one should definitely feature in the top 3.

Market research

To this day, Aisha still has to send out 50% more vacancies compared to An to have the same chance of getting a job interview. This is (partly) because practically all organisations (98%) use CV-screening as the first step of the selection procedure. Unfortunately, CV screening is very sensitive to discrimination.

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It is important to learn about the don’ts or how wrong communication could have the opposite effect at the end.

Avoid #genderwashing #whitewashing #pinkwashing #greenwashing #redwashing #purplewashing #sportwashing