Out in sports

Out for the win

In the world of sports, too, openness about LGBTQ+ is slowly but surely emerging, but the road is still long. There are three initiatives on the web that are making hard efforts but still deserve extra attention and not coincidentally they all have something to do with the word ‘out’.


Outsports is the world’s leading LGBTQ-sports publication. They highlight the stories of LGBTQ athletes, coaches and other people in sports who show us all that Courage Is Contagious. This website is more US oriented.


The Outsport project – “Innovative and educational approaches to prevent violence and tackle discrimination in sport based on sexual orientation and gender identity” – is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus program. The project seeks to address homophobia and transphobia in sport through communication, awareness raising, training and scientific research while using sport itself as a tool.

Outsport is the first initiative at European level to gather scientific evidence on the phenomena of homophobia and transphobia in sport, and to set for itself the ambitious aim of enhancing the sportsworld as a place of training and contrasting discrimination in continuity with school and family.

Out for the Win

Out For The Win aims to normalise LGBTQI-people in sports and empower youth to feel comfortable in their own skin, by increasing the visibility of the LGBTQI-community in all sports through storytelling.

This initiative is my favorite one as I had the chance to join up with this Belgian organisation for the Antwerp Brilliant Games, a biennal international LGBTQ+ sport event.