The 6 challenges of Inclusive Marketing – explained in a 30 minutes free webinar



The most important requirement for inclusive marketing and communication is to tell a story that is reliable and credible. You can tell a story about how the most diverse talents feel belonged in your company. Or show how your brand appeals to diverse groups. There are 6 challenges ahead when it comes to inclusive marketing:


Your key take away is that you will understand why you need to incorporate DE&I at your organisation and as a result, the challenges you will face as a leader.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals who wish to understand barriers to diversity and design solutions to create a diverse workforce
  • Marketing and communication specialists going for authentic and meaningful awareness
  • Leaders who want to foster innovation and creativity by designing teams that promote diverse perspectives and ideas
  • Individuals who want to tackle biases head-on and help create a more inclusive workplace
  • Colleagues or relations of yours who might be interested in this topic
  • Or just you interested in my new professional adventures

Monday 16th of May – (starts at 5pm till 5.30)

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